Welcome to Twitstorm

It’s been a rapid three weeks for the Twitstorm team. The time has come to leave the safety of our rehearsal room and move downstairs into Park200. Technical rehearsals are about to begin. Bex and Guy’s kitchen is looking great, and give them a chance and the cast are relaxing on the Manton’s sofa. The costumes are neatly arranged stage right and the lights are focused. The creative team are assembled, ready to make their contributions to tech. 

So, what is Twitstorm about? On the face of it, it’s about a man brought down by his own arrogance. It’s about the influence of social media, and the increasing role it is playing in our society. As Stephen Fry recently said at Hay Festival, the internet may well alter the behaviour and identity of the individual and our society. It is an extremely powerful modern force, and not one that we know how to contain. Our production will have you pondering all of this, but not without plenty of laughter along the way.   

The play explores the human aspect of two very different ways of life, and the impact of the political sphere on people and their personal lives. Twitstorm dips into those private worlds, and examines how people behave behind closed doors. We see what can happen when the private is made public, and the subsequent spiralling ramifications on the individual and those around them. 

Twitstorm is a play that has something to say. And, as Jonathan Lewis put it, all good life lessons happen when you’re laughing. 

Nicola Pollard


A minute with Manton

As the latest series of hit Friday night show Arguing The Toss draws to a close, we turn the tables on Guy Manton, the ever popular TV presenter and chat show host.  

Guy! Great to see you – sad that you won’t be on the box for much longer! 

Yes, but don’t worry, we’ll be back soon for more banter, lively debate and self-styled celebrity guests. It’s been a terrific series, our best yet. 

Absolutely, what will you be doing with yourself before we see you on our screens again?

Spending time with my wife and our son Ollie, and the team and I might just have a little surprise up our sleeve that will need some Manton magic…

Intriguing! Tell us more! 

(Taps his nose) Can’t I’m afraid! But we’ll be sure to update you when we can. 

What does family time with the Mantons look like?

We have a lovely garden that we’re really proud of, Bex has put a lot of work into that, so we like to spend time there, perhaps firing up the Klaus – when the weather isn’t being typically British! Ollie loves his X-Box and enjoys beating me on that. We also like to escape to the coast when we can. 

Any plans to visit Edinburgh Festival this year, Guy?

(Laughs) You have done your homework! No, my time there is very much over!

You’re very prolific on Twitter Guy, do you enjoy connecting with your fans?

I do, I do. They are a huge part of the show, those at home as well as the live audience, and without the fans we have no show. It’s great when people say how much they enjoy what I do. 

Any guests you’ve not yet managed to snare for the show? 

There are a few – but we’re working on them! I love returning guests, they know the format and they are usually a bit bolder, which is great. 

Thanks for chatting with us Guy –just before you go… Americano or Cappuccino?

Cappuccino every time! 

Salsa or Zumba?

Salsa. You should see my moves.

I’m a Celebrity, or The Jump?

Do I have to do either?!

Thanks Guy, looking forward to the last show! 


Guy Manton was in conversation with Nicola Pollard

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