Partners & Charities

Chance To Shine are one of the fantastic charities that we support. All the cash and coins that go into the buckets of those Buddy boys goes straight to the Chance To Shine team, funding initiatives and events to give young people the opportunity to play cricket. Their work is incredible and stretches right across the country, have a look at their page to find out more. 

Simon ran the London Marathon in 2014 for Chance To Shine - that's how good we think they are!

In the meantime, here are two stories about some young lives changed for the better by the good work that these folk do.

Daniel’s story
Daniel had already been excluded from two schools before he joined Oak Tree Primary School in a deprived area of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. His dad was in prison and he had serious behavioural issues. Soon he refused to come to school. Head of PE Paul Gash persuaded him to play in a school cricket match and from that moment he didn’t look back. He stayed out of trouble and he even hit the winning runs in a tournament. “It was Roy of the Rovers fairytale stuff” says Paul.

Donovan’s story
Donovan had been severely bullied all his life to the extent that he was quite psychologically damaged by it and had to see a psychiatrist. He’d been happy to get involved in the Chance to Shine sessions but it was obvious to his coach that he had few friends. Donovan really took to cricket and was a canny player. His coach encouraged him to join his local cricket club where no one knew his history. The other boys treated him exactly like any other keen cricketer and Donovan’s mum said he made more friends at cricket than he ever had anywhere else. His consultant said ‘cricket has been his saviour’.
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