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All of us have been affected by Covid-19. The very real health risk to millions, the disruption to our work, families, finances and social world is entirely unprecedented in our lifetimes. 

‘The show must go on’ is so deeply branded into us that we have all performed while in the most parlous of states and it takes something pretty serious to prevent a performer making their entrance or to stop a show going ahead. So, even as the evident seriousness of the pandemic unfolded over the last few weeks, we still clung to the hope that it would, somehow, be contained and that our ability to entertain our audiences would continue uninhibited.
On 17th March, we realised that we were not going to be so lucky as, one by one, the venues on our Buddy Holly and The Cricketers spring tour came to recognise the impossibility of continuing and, very reluctantly, closed their doors. We called the boys back home and, although they too realised that, in the larger and much more serious scheme of things, this was the only and right thing to do, they were hugely disappointed not to be able to complete the tour and play to the several full houses that had awaited them.
I suppose we do have to be extraordinarily optimistic folk to be involved in this business - we still hoped that, with a typically British ‘It’ll be over by Christmas’ mentality, that we would all be out of the woods by mid-April. A few days later, we had to announce that, after an incredible amount of work, the A Question of Sport Live tour would not be able to go ahead as planned. With the tour heading for a complete sell out, some cracking guests booked and the anticipation of entertaining thousands across the country, this was pretty tough. 
Jonathan Agnew’s solo Evenings and those with Tuffers were also hastily rescheduled, along with the remaining Buddy Holly and The Cricketers March shows.
But there are much more serious things going on for people in terms of their health and their jobs. There will be some companies that find this really hard to ride this out and, from this precarious business, our hearts go out to them and we truly hope that they get through and make a full recovery. We also hope that, in this time where we have more time, we can perhaps learn to enjoy life at a slower pace, value what we have and keep that feeling of stillness inside when life, inevitably, returns to full volume.
Once it is safe, we will be back. Till then, thank you so much for supporting our shows. Look after each other and we will look forward to entertaining you again at a theatre near you somewhere, hopefully sometime soon.



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